Cosmina is a force of nature. When you open the door and see her bright eyes and great smile, you know you have been swapped by it. And with the truthfulness of a storm she is getting directly to the real questions. And you immediately get to that true part of yourself and start answering.  And your positioning better be true and strong because the strength of her convictions will crush your hesitations. And hesitations I had, we all do! But you let Cosmina in and your truth will start to form.

I have known Cosmina for many years now and I have seen her pass through the many changes. She transitioned from a traditional culture to challenging tradition, from attachment to finding her true self, from an energetic whole to energy, but her constant was always teaching. She is born to make you understand. Along the path of hardship, she taught herself and most importantly, always kept teaching the others around, never gave up on her ideas, always improving them by teaching them. I have seen her approach change from direct and inquisitive to observant and empathetic. And even if she will not question you with words anymore, her eyes, and her presence will still make you want to find the truth in you. Thank you for being part of my life, Cosmina!